Safer Drugs By Design


EligoChem welcome the opportunity to partner with you in joint ventures.  We seek to create collaborative partnerships in lead-discovery and are flexible in the format a collaboration may take, but this may include:

Screening Collaborations

This is the typical process during our screening collaborations.

Screen Colab V2.png

Collaborative Design

The EligoChem amphiphilic design technology can be applied to the design of compounds that address the specific needs of our clients. Whether you are looking to increase absorption in your compound series or reduce toxicity of your lead candidate, the technology can be applied to design novel compounds that meet client needs.

Alternatively, our experienced computational and medicinal chemists can work in conjunction with your team to apply their significant experience to the design of optimised candidate compounds. This may include analysis of the literature, biophysical data and or existing client data to develop designs that meet client criteria.

De Novo synthesis of compounds

We can work with clients to design chemical libraries that access new areas of chemical space, utilising our amphiphilic design. In addition we are able to use our network of established CROs to project manage your compound synthesis

Grant applications and consortia

We are always interested in talking to university groups or SMEs to identify opportunities to partner in writing grant applications or to join consortia working in areas where the EligoChem technology and our scientists can make an impact.

We would be delighted to get things started, if you have any queries please contact us.