Safer Drugs By Design

About Us

EligoChem Limited are pioneering a new drug design technology that enables the discovery of safer drugs.

The EligoChem design technology is based on a recently discovered property of some drugs where by they can display different physical properties in solution and in biological membranes through internalisation of hydrogen bonding and polar surfaces. Drug discovery requires a balance of properties, such that compounds are polar and so soluble enough in water, but also lipophilic and so soluble in oil (body tissues and membranes). Compounds that demonstrate both properties and known as amphiphilic.

The patented technology uses a unique and largely unexplored three-dimensional property that allows compounds to be designed with amphiphilic properties. This technology can be applied to any therapeutic area.

Key Facts

  • EligoChem compound libraries have good drug properties that access novel chemical space.
  • EligoChem compounds are typically 100x more polar than compounds found in standard screening collections, but remain well absorbed and have a lower incidence of toxicity in vitro.
  • 1 in 15 known drugs have EligoChem library properties, but these are present in only 1 in 10,000 compounds in typical screening collections. 

What we offer:

  • Highly diverse drug-like compounds for screening 
  • Unique medicinal and computational chemistry support for lead optimisation work
    • This methodology is applicable to most leads
    • Enables increased absorption of polar leads
    • Enables increased solubility and reduces toxicity of lipophilic leads
    • Collaborative research