Safer Drugs By Design

Safer Drugs by Design

As indicated inDrugDesignGraph(2) the table, the EligoChem libraries occupy a very different area of chemical space, characterised by high polarity, yet high HBD counts. 
An analysis of 1098 drug compounds from BioPrint® shows that most promiscuous drugs tend to be highly hydrophobic (clog P > 3).

Drug set  = representative of typical pharma screening collection (A. L. Hopkins, J. S. Mason and J. P. Overington, Curr. Opin. Struct. Biol.,  2006, 16, 127).

We believe that the unique properties of our libraries have the potential to deliver compounds with good absorption and good safety profiles. We have already demonstrated that our compounds have:

  • Excellent absorption as measured in PAMPA assays
  • 6-Fold lower cytotoxicity than average findings in HepG2 cell cytotoxicity assay