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Presentations & Publications

Here you will find our presentations and publications. 



Medicinal Chemistry & Chemical Biology Meeting – Nov 6-9th, Coogee Beach, Sydney, Australia

Presentations (Selected);

4th International Conference on Medicinal Chemistry & Computer Aided Drug Design, Dec 2014 (seen above).

Discovery Chemistry Congress – Outsourcing, Munich Germany, March 2012

IQPC 3rd, International Congress Discovery Partnerships, Dusseldorf Germany 13th-14th December 2011

Publications (Selected);

  • P. Wright, A. Alex, F. Pullen, “3D Thinking: Computational Aids for the Bioanalyst”, Bioanalysis 2013, 5, 395.
  • A. Alex, D. S. Millan, M. Perez, F. Wakenhut, G. Whitlock,  “Intramolecular Hydrogen Bonding to Improve Membrane Permeability and Absorption in Beyond Rule of Five Chemical Space”, Med. Chem. Comms., 2011, 2, 669.
  • A. A. Alex, M. M. Flocco, “Fragment Discovery: What has it achieved so far?”, Current Topics in Medicinal Chemistry 2007, 7, 1544-1567
  • Keighley W.W., Russell R.J. (2014)  Analysis and visualization of High Throughput Screening data:Informatics, bioinformatics and chemoinformatics;High Content Screening data analysis, Chapter 11 in Preclinical Drug Discovery: High Throughput Screening and Compound Progression Strategies ed. Gul, S., Rotela, D.,Thurston, D.E., Hassan, N. RSC Drug Discovery
  • Gribbon P, Lyons R, Laflin P, Bradley J, Chambers C, Williams BS, Keighley W, Sewing A.(2005) Evaluating real-life high-throughput screening data. J Biomol Screen.10(2):99-107.