Safer Drugs By Design


Computational Chemistry Consultancy and Virtual Screening

EligoChem provide a high quality virtual screening service based on a well curated proprietary database of commercial compounds to enable increased success rates for lead seeking through to enhanced ligand-based and  structure-based virtual screening capabilities using state-of-the-art computational approaches.

Medicinal  Chemistry Design Consultancy

EligoChem deliver Medicinal Chemistry consultancy services tailored to your organisation’s needs in order to help improve your drug discovery efficiency. This includes analysis of ADMET problems and identification of potential solutions, aiding your risk management in drug discovery.

We have also developed a unique lead hopping methodology that can rapidly propose polar analogues of existing leads with the benefit of internal hydrogen bonding.

Our unique design consultancy service is applicable to any lead series and will:

  • Increase diversity/differentiation of your leads
  • Increase solubility of lipophilic leads
  • Increase absorption of polar drugs
  • Reduce off-target toxicity

Screening Collection Consultancy Services

EligoChem provides scientific consultancy to assist Biotech and Pharma companies with compound collections to select those compounds most likely to be able to access target sites and have biological activity.

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